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Iran Date

Iranian dates are available in both fresh and natural-dried. The most popular types are Mazafati and Piarom (Mariami). Mazafati is a unique product specifically grown in Iran as well as Piarom which the quality  equals Medjool with reasonable price.

Iran Dried Fig

Figs are native to western Asia and the Mediterranean. Figs contain hundreds of tiny edible seeds that are appreciated for the texture and nutrients they add to the fruit. More importantly, Iranian Figs compared to Afgan and Turkey are natural, sun-dried, and non-syrup as well as reasonable in price.

Iran Pistachio

Iranian pistachio has special features which distinguishes it from American and Turkish ones. Diversity of type, size and Price–Quality Inferences are the best features of the Iranian pistachio.

Iran Raisin

High variety of products with reasonable price are the specific traits of the Iranian raisin. Different types of Iranian raisins are cultivated in the north-west and north-east of Iran.